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Hello, Robolions team members, mentors, friends, and community members! Welcome to "The Fourth Law of Robotics," home to University City High School's FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Team. We hope to use this blog to inform you about what we're up to.
We compete in the FRC (First Robotics Competition), an annual competition where we have six weeks to build a robot from scratch. This year's game is Recycle Rush. We'll post updates here to let you all know what we're up to with building (and competing with) our robot!
We also are now competing in FTC (First Tech Challenge), the next level down from FRC. The game was called Ring It Up!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


While we're getting so many hits, I figured I might as well put this out there.

Just like Girl Scouts sell cookies, FIRST is now selling lightbulbs. But these aren't your normal, everyday 60watt lightbulbs- no, these are amazing, bright, efficient LED bulbs! Here are some of the perks of these bulbs:

  • They shine as bright as a normal 60 watt bulb- but only use 7 watts of energy!
  • They last for about 9 years- with an average life of 10,000 hours of use
  • There is no mercury in these bulbs- making them safe to use and dispose of!
  • LED bulbs are environmentally and economically friendly- using them could save you $150 a year in electricity costs, and they don't do any harm to the environment, so you can help the planet and save money while doing it!
  • The estimated energy cost of these bulbs per year is only $0.84. That's right- only 84 cents!
  • Unlike normal glass bulbs, these are made of a plastic outside, so they won't break!
  • The proceeds of these sales go to helping our FIRST team, which can be quite expensive. They help cover costs such as registration fees, parts and equipment purchases, and other fees that accumulate through out the year. By supporting FIRST through these sales, you are enabling many students to learn the invaluable skills that will help not only themselves succeed, but help the entire world make a better future.
  • At only $20 per bulb, they are much cheaper than the LED bulbs you can buy in stores- which can cost up to $40, and don't support a good cause!
You can find out more information and reviews from these websites:

If you would like to purchase bulbs for you or your business, contact us at

Thank you!

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